Access the Fort Bliss Mass Warning and Notification System with your smartphone

By Donald Patterson
Fort Bliss installation emergency manager

The Fort Bliss Mass Warning and Notification system includes a mobile notification smartphone application in addition to several other forms of notification such as desktop alert, email, phone and text message. The AtHoc Notifier is a smartphone app which displays as a purple globe on your main mobile phone screen with the rest of your mobile applications. The AtHoc Notifier is available for iOS and Android smartphones. The AtHoc Notifier can be installed in a few easy steps. To install the AtHoc Notifier, be aware you must have an active email set up in the Fort Bliss Mass Warning and Notification system before you are able to download and install. Here are the steps:

Step 1. Search for and download the AtHoc Notifier app from the Apple App or Google Play stores.
Step 2. When the download is complete, open the application and enter your active email address associated with your Fort Bliss MWN system account when prompted.
Step 3. AtHoc Notifier will send a verification email to confirm your address. From the email, click “verify now.”
Step 4. Return to the application on your mobile device and add the Fort Bliss MWN organization code (USA-FPBD) as prompted. You have completed the installation.

To read and receive alerts, use the home screen. The colors and icons identify the status of each alert. To read and reply to alerts, tap an alert to open it and read the contents. Some alerts provide multiple response options. Tap “reply” to respond, and then tap the appropriate response option. For alerts that do not provide response options, tap “acknowledge” to reply to the alert.

Be aware you can modify the application settings from the menu screen. For example, to set up your profile, you can add information about yourself in your profile settings. To do this, tap the AtHoc Notifier logo to open the menu. From there you can access “my profile.”

Once there, you can add a photo, update your first and last name, and view your registered email address. Tap the back icon to return to the home screen.
Also be aware you can unsubscribe from receiving alerts from the menu screen. To do so, tap the AtHoc Notifier logo to open the menu. From there you can select “your installation,” and tap “disconnect” to disconnect. Then tap “disconnect” to confirm.

You will no longer receive alerts for the Fort Bliss MWN system and you may remove the application from your device.

Note, under “available features,” only “alerts” will be enabled. This is the system default, and no changes are required.