What If

Life is full of what ifs. But when it comes to reporting suspicious activity, there should be no question about what to do- REPORT IT! No special training is needed to be vigilant as you carry on with your daily routine or to identify suspicious activity. Trust your instincts on what you should report. We rely on our senses every day of our lives. If a behavior or activity makes you feel uncomfortable or seems “out of the norm,”- REPORT IT! Below are some examples of suspicious activities reported by concerned citizens that saved lives:

If it doesn’t LOOK right, REPORT IT!
A video store clerk saw anti-American material on a DVD he was asked to copy. Police captured and arrested individuals planning an attack against a military installation.

If it doesn’t SMELL right, REPORT IT!
A grandmother smelled bad odors from the neighboring apartment and noticed that the empty apartment was frequented by various people. Police discovered a poison gas factory.
If it doesn't SOUND right, REPORT IT!
Residents were concerned with a person’s threats of violence. Police captured and arrested a group planning a subway attack.

Why Should You Report?
• Law enforcement needs your help in identifying suspicious activity to prevent potential attacks before they happen.
• What you saw may be linked to a report from someone else and help interpret something larger than what you saw.
• Terrorists and criminals rely on complacency and assumptions like ‘Ah, it’s probably nothing.”
• It is better to report what you see or hear than to have something happen and always wonder- what if I had reported that person taking suspicious photos at the food court? What if I had taken seriously that conversation I overheard about possible violence at that concert? What if I didn’t report that unattended backpack because I was sure someone else would report it?

How Should You Report?

• Be Clear: state why you considered the activity suspicious (sneaking around, not authorized in the area, discreet photography or videotaping, asking security questions, etc.)

• Be Specific (include details): dates, times, locations, thorough description of personnel or vehicles involved (specifically the license plate).

As members of this great military community- military, civilians, contractors or family members- we all have a responsibility to ensure the security of our installation! Practicing antiterrorism is not about paranoia, but about being aware of your surroundings and proactive about reporting suspicious activity in order to protect our way of life. On post, reports can be called in to the Fort Bliss Military Police at 744-2115/2116/2117 or 911.

Remain vigilant when out in public venues and if you see something, say something- because someone out there is depending on you. Thank you for your support.