History of the 1st Sqaudron, 1st Cavalry Regiment


"Black Hawks!"


1-1 CAV


    The Regiment was organized as “The United States Regiment of Dragoons” by authority of Congress, March 2nd, 1833. This designation was retained until changed by act of Congress, August 3rd, 1861, to “The First Regiment of Cavalry”.  Today, the 1st Cavalry Regiment is more than just a numerical designation.  It is a unit which is first, not only in numerical order, but also in time of service to the cavalry, 179 years, and in battle honors more than any squadron-sized unit in the Army with 92.  A brief history of our actions during the past 179 years is as follows: 

1-1 CAV pic 2

    The Regiment guarded the American frontier for over 60 years, clashing with the Black Hawk, Comanche, Pawnee, Apache, Modoc, Nez Perce, Mojave, Crow, and the Sioux Indian Nations during the Indian Wars.  Won five battle honors during the Mexican-American War. Took part in the battle of Santa Cruz Rosales in Mexico after having marched 210 miles in 4 days and nights to reach it.  Fought at Antietam, Fredericksburg, Chancellorsville, Gettysburg, The Wilderness, Spotsylvania, Cold Harbor, Shenandoah, Petersburg, and 1-1 CAV PicAppomattox during the American Civil War. 

     Fought at Santiago, Cuba during the Spanish-American war, receiving our 61st battle honor.  
Went to the Philippines to put down the insurrections which arose following the war with Spain. 
Guarded the Mexican border from the bandit Pancho Villa during World War I.  
Held our last mounted review as a Regiment of Horse Cavalry on December 14th, 1932.  
Remained in the field continuously during Vietnam from 1967-1972, taking part in 13 campaigns. 
Once again took up a frontier mission in December, 1978 in the surveillance of the international border between the Federal Republic of Germany and Czechoslovakia. 

    Spearheaded the 1st Armored Division’s attack into Iraq during Operation Desert Storm - February 1991.  
We were the first Task Force Eagle unit to cross the Sava River into Bosnia. 
Conducted peace enforcement operations from December 1995 to November 1996.

    The Regiment received three different unit citations for its actions in Operation Iraqi Freedom in 2004.