3/1 Public Affairs

The Public Affairs Officer understands and coordinates the flow of information to Soldiers, the Army community, and the public. Public Affairs Officer responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

Planning and supervising the command public affairs program.

Advising and informing the commander of the public affairs impact and implications of planned or current operations.

Serving as the command representative for all communications with external media.

Assessing the information requirements and expectations of the Army and the public, monitoring media and public opinion, and evaluating the effectiveness of public affairs plans and operations.

Coordination logistic and administrative support of civilian journalists under unit administrative control.

Conducting liaison with media representatives to provide accreditation, mess, billet, transport, and escort as authorized and appropriate.

Developing and educating the command on policies and procedures for protecting against the release of information detrimental to the mission, national security, and personal privacy.

Coordinating with the S-7, military information support officer, and S-9 to ensure disseminated information is not contradictory.

Informing Soldiers, family members, and Army civilians of their rights under the Privacy Act, operations security responsibilities, and roles as implied representatives of the command when interacting with news media.

Recommending news, entertainment, and information for Soldiers and home station audiences.

Preparing portion of Annex J (inform & influence activities) to the operation order.

(ATTP 5-0.1 14 September 2011)

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