Automated Installation Entry (AIE)

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Information Paper

SUBJECT: Automated Installation Entry (AIE)
21 March 2018

1. Purpose:

The purpose of this information paper is to provide information surrounding the implementation of the AIE System. AIE leverages technology that will increase security for Soldiers, Family members, DoD civilians, retirees, contract employees, and guests by verifying the identity of the individual(s) and ensuring they meet Army approved access standards against FBI criminal and terrorist authoritative databases.

2. Registration Process:

a. You can register in lane if you have a Common Access Card (CAC), Dependent Identification Card, Disabled Veteran Identification Card, US Forces Retiree Identification Card, US Forces Reserve Retiree Identification Card.

b. Registering in lane takes approximately 15-60 seconds to complete. A successful scan results in a green light being displayed on the AIE pedestal or handheld device and the individual being granted access onto the installation.

c. Scanning can be completed through the use of an AIE pedestal, scanned by the driver from the car, or from a hand-held device, scanned by a security guard.

d. If an individual scans red, they will be denied access and redirected to the nearest Visitor Control Center (VCC) where a National Crime Information Center (NCIC) check of their background will be completed. If derogatory information is determined, the following will occur;
          1). Active duty personnel will receive a Derogatory Observation Report which will include their full name, rank, unit (BN and
          BDE), BN CDRs name and the derogatory information. Active duty personnel will be instructed to provide a copy of the
          Derogatory Observation Report to their Chain of Command. DES will maintain a list of all active duty personnel who are denied
          access and will provide a copy to the 1 AD Provost Marshal. The 1 AD Provost Marshal will email all 1 AD and 32 AAMDC unit’s
          BN and BDE Command Teams of their Service Members derogatory information. DES will email all BN separates as well as
          WBAMC, JTF North and JMC BN Command Teams of their Service Members derogatory information. Once the Command Team
          has acknowledges receipt of the derogatory information, the DES AIE administrator will update the system and the Service
          Member will be authorized unescorted access.

          2). Family Members with a Dependent Identification Card, Disabled Veterans, US Forces Retirees, US Forces Reserve Retirees
          and DoD Employees with a Common Access Card will be provided with a 45 day pass and a waiver packet to be provided
          through their Sponsors BN Commander/Agency Director for submission to the Senior Mission Commander for consideration for
          unescorted access to Fort Bliss. All others can submit their waiver packet through DES for submission to the Senior Mission
          Commander. All waiver packets will be turned into the Chaffee or Buffalo Soldier VCC for processing.

          3). Non DoD personnel including Family Members without Dependent Identification Cards will be denied access and provided with
          a waiver packet for submission through the DES to the Senior Mission Commander for consideration of unescorted access to
          Fort Bliss. All waiver packets will be turned into the Chaffee or Buffalo Soldier VCC for processing.

e. Any individual including visitors can register at one of two Visitor Control Centers (VCC): Buffalo Soldier VCC is open Mon-Fri: 0500-2100 hours, and Chaffee VCC, which is open Mon-Sun, 24 hours a day. The best time to register is between 1500-2100 at Buffalo Soldier VCC and 1500-0500 at Chaffee VCC. (Note: Buffalo Soldier VCC is closed on all Federal Holidays). Registering at a VCC will take approx 10 minutes once you are seen. This process is different than the in lane registration because the information must be manually entered at the terminal. You will be required to have a state or government issued photo identification and will be instructed by the VCC clerk to sign in and conduct the following;
          1). Scan your state or government issued photo identification in the Verifone ID scanner.

          2). Have your photograph taken.

          3). Enter a 4 digit pin code two times.

          4). Sign your signature on the Verifone signature block.

          5). Scan your right index finger by placing your finger on the biometric fingerprint scanner. Once this fingerprint is ingested
          into the system you will scan your left index finger.

          6). Once the VCC clerk confirms the information, the registration is complete. If you are a visitor, you will be issued a 30-day
          paper pass with a photo and barcode. Contractors who do not have a CAC, have been approved for unescorted access by the
          Senior Mission Commander and have a contract that will last for one year will be provided a AIE badge. This badge has a
          photo and barcode.

3. Access Procedures:

Once registered, individuals will be required to scan their registered identification card, AIE badge or paper pass at an AIE pedestal or have it scanned by a Security Guard with an AIE hand-held device.

4. Point of Contact:

The point of contact is the Directorate of Emergency Services, Physical Security Division at 744-1551 or Chaffee VCC at 568-6853.