The Fort Bliss Welcome Center, located in Building 505 Pershing Road on West Fort Bliss, is the premier means for service members to connect with a unit sponsor. Upon arrival at Fort Bliss, Welcome Center staff can assist incoming Soldiers 24 hours/day, 7 Days a week.

Fort Bliss Sponsorship Office: 915-568-1303
Front Desk: 915-568-3035

The Unit Sponsor is your Personal Guide of Fort Bliss and El Paso! The Sponsorship goal is to facilitate a seamless transition for single and married servicemembers and their Families, to Fort Bliss. Sponsors can assist with temporary and permanently lodging prior to arrival, school information and shopping tips!

Unit Sponsorship Information:
Get sponsorship training: http:///

Coordinates high-value entertainment events and trips for Single Servicemembers at Fort Bliss.
Phone: 915-744-1525
Address: Bldg 20751 Constitution Drive (inside Soto Physical Fitness Facility)
Hours:Monday-Friday (closed during Federal Holidays)

+ Family Member and DA Civilian Resilience Training
+ Army Family Team Building
+ Family Readiness Group Leader Training
+ Care Team
+ ASIST (Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training)
+ Family Advocacy Education
+ New Parent Support
+ Outreach and Better Opportunities for Single Parents
+ Resource Center
Phone: 915-569-5500
Address: Bldg 250 Club Road
Hours: Monday - Friday 0730-1630
Closed Saturdays, Sundays, Federal and Training Holidays

Fort Bliss is supported by ten school districts, nine in El Paso, TX and one in Gadsden, NM. Each district provides unique academic, cultural, athletic, and social opportunities. Registering your Child for school in a new location can be confusing. We know you want to get your kids settled in their new schools as quickly as possible. Thats why we work hard to help you identify local schools that are the best fit for you and your family.

Fort Bliss has newly built accommodations for single Soldiers and accompanying Family members, both on and off-post.

Fort Bliss offers comprehensive, high quality healthcare and preventive services for Soldiers, and their Families. Do you have questions about the Fort Bliss Exception Family Member Program (EFMP)?

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Congratulations on your assignment to the 1st Armored Division and Fort Bliss - Home of America's Tank Division.

Fort Bliss hosts a lethal combination of Infantry, Armor and Artillery capabilities. The 1st Armored Division includes the Ready First, Iron, Bulldog, Iron Eagles, Iron Steel, and the Muleskinners. Other commands on Fort Bliss include the Joint Modernization Command, the 32nd Army Air and Missile Defense Command, with the 11th Air Defense Artillery Brigade, William Beaumont Army Medical Center, and Joint Task Force North. Fort Bliss is also home to one of two active joint mobilization stations in the Department of Defense and is currently the largest joint mobilization platform.

Fort Bliss is home to the largest training area in the United States - larger than the National Training Center on Fort Irwin and the Joint Readiness Training Center at Fort Polk. With over 965,000 acres, it is also larger than all of the training areas of Fort Hood and Fort Riley combined. Because of its mountainous desert terrain, Fort Bliss makes a perfect training location for units deploying to the Middle East.

The Fort Bliss Training Center is part of the largest DoD controlled airspace in the world and can accommodate every weapon system in the US Army. The post is comprised of state-of-theĀ­art training areas, ranges, and facilities. The installation's ranges have the distance and depth allowing equipment to be tested to the fullest extent. Spread across 1.2 million acres of desert are 54 training areas, 29 villages and towns, 58 live-fire ranges, 1,700 miles of tank trails, three base camps and rail-head facilities. Overhead, the 343 million cubic acres of airspace allow training on every weapons platform in America's arsenal. From pistol to missile, from individual tasks to company formations, you can do it all here on the Fort Bliss Training Center.

Fort Bliss's Mission Training Complex is the newest, most advanced and leads the way for the Army in providing high-quality training for Soldiers. The MTC offers Collective Exercise support for Full Spectrum Exercises, Command Post Exercises, Cumulating Training Exercises, Battle Staff Integrating Course, and support for Mission Command Training Program exercises prior to NTC rotations. The MTC is the hub of the Live, Virtual, and Constructive Integrated Architecture exercises. The Fort Bliss MTC connections network with their counterparts at Forts Leavenworth, Lee, Riley, and Hood, enabling Fort Bliss to conduct exercises with other installations.

I've touched on some of the reasons Fort Bliss provides the best training opportunities for Soldiers, but Fort Bliss also provides the best quality of life for Soldiers and Families.

Fort Bliss proudly offers the highest standards of living within the Department of Defense. Not only does each brigade area include their headquarters and maintenance facilities, but it also includes barracks buildings. Soldiers assigned to barracks live in well-equipped modern facilities. For Soldiers with families, Fort Bliss and its housing partner constructed more than 1,800 new homes spread across 1B communities. These two-, three-, four- and five-bedroom homes in both single-family and townhome styles are the largest highest rated energy efficient homes in the Army.

El Paso area schools are striving for excellence and the nine districts that support our military families are in the forefront of that effort. They provide specialized magnet programs designed to meet specific needs and career goals of their students. All districts offer an early-college high school program specifically designed to provide students with a rigorous course of study.

There are no excuses for being idle during your leisure time, there are a multitude of activities both on the installation and in the surrounding communities. From quality physical fitness centers, pools, an aquatic Training Center, two 18-hole golf courses, to a 52-lane bowling center located on Fort Bliss. Also located here is a half-million square foot shopping center known as Freedom Crossing at Fort Bliss; it is a first-of-its-kind outdoor shopping mall hosting traditional Exchange facilities alongside civilian retail outlets.

Just outside Fort Bliss' gates is the Sun City, the 19th largest city and one of the safest cities for one its size in the United States. El Paso is a thriving big city of more than 800,000, with a great history and a tremendous spirit. From nature to culture to nightlife to shopping, there is something for everyone in El Paso. A true melting pot of American and southwestern culture, the combination is noticeable everywhere.

To learn more about Fort Bliss and the surrounding areas, visit the links below and join our online digital media sites.

The secret is out and you are now part of the best installation in the Department of Defense, so let me be the first to welcome you to what I am convinced will be one of the best experiences in your military career.

Iron Soldiers!

Patrick Matlock
Major General, U.S. Army

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