Summer Security Awareness for Mass Gatherings

Summer is a time for sun and fun and get-togethers. A mass gathering occurs when a large number of people come together in a particular location for a specific purpose. These locations, especially those associated with large crowds, could be an attractive target for terrorism and other crimes. Some security considerations are listed below:

Be Prepared
- Take notice of your surroundings and identify potential emergency exits.
- Be aware of unusual behaviors, unattended objects, unexplained odors, or vehicle traveling at abnormal speeds or patterns. If you see something, say something.

Don’t Hesitate- Take Action
- If an attack occurs, run to the nearest exit, making use of concealment while moving away from the source of the hazard.
- If no secure areas are available, protect yourself from harm be seeking cover behind any available natural or artificial objects that eliminate direct line of sight from the source of hazard.
- If you are unable to safely evacuate, hide in a secure area where access can be blocked or entryways can be locked.
- If necessary, be prepared to defend yourself by attempting to incapacitate the assailant with any means available.

Assist and React
- Call 9-1-1 and remain alert for potential secondary attacks.
- Render first aid when safe to do so.