The Fort Buchanan Army Family Housing Division (AFHD) strives to provide the best housing service to all Armed Forces members on Active Duty and DOD Civilians. AFHD offers individual on and off-post counseling and referral assistance; up-to-date listings of homes for rent or sale; review, clarify or explain lease contracts; mediate disputes between tenants and landlords; inspect off-post rental housing for adequacy and non-discriminatory rental practices; provides handout material, including area maps, rental/sales booklets, brochures, etc.

There is a residential area located at Fort Buchanan, Las Colinas. It includes two, three and four bedroom units and are from 1100 to 1600 Square Feet. The Housing Division also provides Housing Referrals Services to those members looking to live Off-Post. Since Puerto Rico is considered “overseas”, every service member that is on active duty for more than 31 consecutive days and lives Off-Post is entitled to Overseas Housing Allowance, (OHA), thus its process starts at the Housing Division. We offer services related to On Post and Off Post, Overseas Housing Allowance, Temporary Lodging Allowance, counseling, and so much more.

The AFHD is located at on South Gate Road, Building # 34. For additional Army Family Housing Services Office information and contacts, please call (787) 707-3367 / 2317 / 3153 or 3256.

  1. Off- Post assistance -The AFHD offers individual off-post counseling and referral assistance; listings of local real estate brokers and property managers; listings of apartment and condominium complexes; review of leases and rental agreements; assist with mediating disputes between tenants and landlords; provides base information including area maps, handout material and brochures. For additional information click on homes for rent or sale.
  2. Unaccompanied Housing  - Unaccompanied Housing is managed by each Unit under the FSBP.   The Housing Division provides oversight and assistance to the Units.  Housing manages the approval of accounts for the Enterprise Military Housing (eMH) data base and monitors the electronic lock key cutting data bases for the barracks room key cards.
  3. Residential Communities Initiative -On Oct. 1, 2023, Fort Buchanan Army Housing transitioned to the Residential Communities Initiative (RCI). The Fort Buchanan RCI partner is Cadence Communities.   You can visit their office at 34 South Gate Road, Fort Buchanan, Puerto Rico 00934

    or at their website:  Phone number: 615 203 0727 Hours: Monday - Friday: By Appointment; Saturday - Sunday: Closed                                                                             Resident App / Portal:​​​​​​​


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