Legal Assistance Division:  The Legal Assistance office provides notary services, powers of attorney, affidavits, and legal   counsel/orientation services to active duty service members, Reserve service members, retirees, and their family members.   The Legal Assistance Office is located at Bldg 390 Double Eagle Avenue. We may be contacted at (787) 707-5155.

Translation Services:  The Office of the Staff Judge Advocate provides translation services of legal documents for eligible clients. Legal documents submitted for translation must be for official business only and will be determined if the translation can be provided on a case by case basis.
Ethics:  The Fort Buchanan Ethics Counselor, Installation Legal Office, assists in administering the Army's   worldwide ethics program. The Ethics Counselor can assist you with all ethics matters in the following   subjects areas: standards of ethical conduct; activities with non-federal entities; outside speaking,   teaching, and writing; conflicts of interest;  political activities; private organizations an non-federal   entities; financial and employment disclosure; post- government employment; gifts; use of government resources, contact with Defense contractors; procurement  integrity; and ethics training. Frequent Questions and Answers

Civil/Admin Division:  The Administrative Law Division advises commanders and staff on matters concerning contracting and   fiscal law, environmental law, labor law, Ethics, and general military installation law.
Criminal Law Division: The Criminal Law Division advises commanders and staff concerning all adverse actions against   Soldiers, including non-judicial punishment (Article 15), administrative separations, administrative   reprimands, and courts-martial.

Trial Defense Service: The 154th Legal Operations Detachment (LOD) provides defense counsel services to U.S. Army Reserve   Soldiers with a duty station in the eastern United States.
The 154th Legal Operations Detachment (LOD) may be reached by mail at:

154th LOD TDS
Lieber USAR Reserve Center
6901 Telegraph Road
Alexandria, VA 22310
Telephone: (703) 960-7393 or 1-866-763-3552      Fax: (703) 329-1065