A Simple Observation

See Something Say Something
Trust Your Instincts

We rely on our senses every day of our lives. If a behavior or activity makes you feel uncomfortable, report it!

Here are some examples of suspicious activities reported by concerned individuals that saved lives:

If it doesn't LOOK right, report it!

A video store clerk saw anti-American material on a DVD he was asked to copy. Police captured and arrested individuals planning an attack against a military installation.

If it doesn't SMELL right, report it!

A grandmother smelled bad odors from the neighboring apartment and noticed that the empty apartment was frequented by various people. Police discovered a poison gas factory.

If it doesn't SOUND right, report it!

Residents were concerned with a person's threats of violence. Police captured and arrested a group planning a subway attack.

What Should I Report?

Give as many details as you can. Here is a checklst to help you.

1. The date and time

2. Where it happened

3. What you witnessed.

4. A description of who was involved

  • - Male or female

  • - How tall

  • - Build

  • - Hair color, skin color, age

  • - English speaking or another language?

5. Was there a car? Note the license plate number.

6. Have you seen this activity in your neighborhood before?

How Do I Report?

There are three ways to make a report:

To report Suspicious Activity or Emergencies call the Fort Bliss Military Police 744-2115 .

To report Subversion, Espionage, or Sabotage call the Fort Bliss Army CI Field Office 568-4604

In an emergency call  911.


Submit Suspicious Activity Report


All information will be kept confidential. Information submitted will be carefully assessed and, if warranted, investigated by trained investigators. All information gathered and all investigative activity will be subject to strict policies designed to protect the privacy and civil liberties of American citizens
while protecting our Nation from terrorism


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