The misson of the TASS Training Center (TTC) is to create operations at Fort Knox and coordinate with schools from various training regions. This facility also assists these schools in preparations to conduct scheduled classes. These classes consist of Military Operational Specialties, Additional Skills Identifiers, Non-Commissioned Officer Courses and Transition Training for reserve and active component Soldiers. This enables armed forces components to mobilize and deploy units capable of accomplishing their missions. The Fort Knox TASS Training Center supports the Military Police, Transportation and the Quartermaster components.


  • Billeting/Dining: Billeting will be at Fort Knox. Fort Knox is a Military Training Support Service (MTSS) site. MTSS must be on Soldiers orders before arriving to Fort Knox to prevent Soldiers from receiving a bill. This includes Soldiers from the National Guard units attending training.
  • Uniform: The uniform for all classes is the ACU.
  • Weapons: Do not bring any weapons to Kentucky.
  • Transportation: Transportation from the classroom to the dining facility (if needed) will be provided by the TTC, to include transportation for emergencies if necessary.
  • Report: See ATRRS
  • Air Travel: Fly into Louisville International Airport, Louisville, Kentucky; transportation WILL be provided by the TTC or teaching school. Once you arrive, obtain your luggage and report to the airport USO for pick up. Note: Forward a copy of your itinerary to the TTC in order to facilitate pick-up at the airport.